~ True Love is Less

Image credit: Tinneketin

True Love is…

Less about a day, than about daily.

Less about romance, than about reality.

Less about passions, than about caring.

Less about words, than about deeds.

Less about receiving, than about giving.

So measure your True Love… 

Less by this one day, than everyday.

Less by its rosy hue, than its clarity.

Less by your heat, than your compassion.

Less by what you said, than what you did.

Less by what you received, than what you gave.



  1. Suzie Ivy · · Reply

    The most romantic gift my husband ever gave me was to sneak next door, cut roses from our neighbors rose bushes and then give them to me in a jelly jar. It cost nothing, although he did risk his life (the neighbor was nutso about her roses). True love is less!

  2. He’s worthy and a keeper!

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