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Remember when you were little and would scribble a big blob of yellow on a page and call it a tiger, then hand it to an adult who would proclaim it the most beautiful giraffe in the world and pin it on the refrigerator? No? Likely it’s because the squashing of creativity with rules started […]

BlogHer — Creating A Future History of Now

I often wonder what the future will be like when the history of now — enriched by the perspective of women (more than half of the world population) and the amazing diversity of cultural subsets in our society — is finally read. Will the media and our social interactions still be obsessively focused on power, profits, sex, […]

~ In a Haze of Testosterone Induced Lust…

IN A HAZE OF TESTOSTERONE INDUCED LUST… by Linda Anselmi When we live in a world That still believes: That men should lead, While women should follow. That men are strong, While women are weak. That lust is a natural appetite, While love is an emotional entanglement. Is it any wonder that, In a haze […]

~ True Love is Less

True Love is… Less about a day, than about daily. Less about romance, than about reality. Less about passions, than about caring. Less about words, than about deeds. Less about receiving, than about giving. So measure your True Love…  Less by this one day, than everyday. Less by its rosy hue, than its clarity. Less […]

~ On FDR’s New Deal: The American People Sound Off

Almost daily there are headlines, numbers and analysis being thrown at FDR’s New Deal.  Obama Gives Us the Same Old New Deal. And, How Government Prolonged the Depression. Or, Stimulus: Can it work like Roosevelt’s New Deal?  And Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ Resurfaces in US Economic Stimulus Debate. But all of these discussions seem to overlook the […]

~ Enjoying Will Rogers

I have always been a huge Will Rogers fan. So when I spotted THE WIT AND WISDOM OF WILL ROGERS at a used book fundraiser for our local Humane Society last summer, I snatched it up, took it home and added it to my collection of must read books. And there old Will sat, forgotten, amid dust […]