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For The Joy of Animals: Are Humans Just Tools for a Monkey?

Are human’s just hand tools and free labor to animals? Maybe you’ve seen the video that’s gone viral of an cute monkey using a human hand to crush leaves.  The Capuchin monkey, Chino, is impatient and a bit of a demanding task master of the slow learning human hand.   After numerous attempts, the hand completes the […]

Creative dog playing fetch

For The Joy of Animals: Nature’s Ball Return

A dog with a ball
but no one to throw…

For The Joy of Animals: Hummie Cam (Baby Hummies Soon)

Spring is in the air and I’ve been celebrating the season of renewal by going over to Melissa Crytzer Fry’s What I Saw… blog and watching her Hummie Cam.  She set a camera up to record the hummingbird nest in her breezeway. Melissa graciously allowed me to share a couple of awesome images her Hummie Cam […]

For The Joy of Animals: Hamster Spin

People complain that life and work are such a “Rat Race.” To me, at least, it all feels like a giant “Hamster Spin.” Is your life a rat race or hamster spin? ##

For The Joy of Animals: Lip Smackingly Cute Possum

There is something about the sight of a Possum that usually makes me sad.  Mostly because it’s almost always dead on the side of the road.  But also because a little part of me is secretly relieved that what is died isn’t someone’s cat or dog.  The relief is wrong — but it’s always there. […]

Honoring A Mother, A Dog, And Those Who Give Shelter

Domestic violence is something Author Anita Finlay saw first hand growing up and is part of what compelled her to speak up about fair and equal treatment for women and write about the violent undertones of sexism during our last presidential election in her book Dirty Words on Clean Skin.  (My review is here.) Anita is also […]

For The Joy of Animals: Woe Is Henri, the Cat

Oui.  It is true. The sun hides, while the wind stills. The air chills and the clouds weep. The earth languishes in sodden sympathy. As millions watch.  And laugh. At the woeful tail and frenchified air. Of Henri, the cat. ~~ ### (h/t S.Ivy – Henri 2, the first video above, was uploaded to Youtube […]

For The Joy Of Animals: Gambolling Cows

After a winter spent cooped up in a barn eating oats and grains, can there be a better celebration of spring then seeing cows surging toward the heady smells of the fresh open air rejoicing at the uninhibited freedom of the great outdoors and rediscovering the sheer bliss of personally selecting their own patch of grass […]

~ For The Joy Of Animals: Cow Boredom?

I have a special fondness for cows.  My grandparents were dairy farmers, so as a child I had ample opportunity to watch cows’ inaction.  And no, that is not a typo.  Once you get beyond the constant chewing and tail switching along with their incredibly large and friendly looking (think oversized dog) tongue that likes […]

~ For The Joy Of Animals: Barking Dog Choir

If only the spotting of an intruder or the ringing of the doorbell prompted this response from the “Barker Sisters” at my house… ##

For The Joy Of Animals: Eating Like A Piglet

We’ve always been told “eating like a pig” was bad.  But who knew “eating like a piglet” could be so darn cute… ~ ~ There is just something seriously adorable about a baby pig. I don’t know if it is the little grunting sounds…the tiny hoofs…the oversize head…the open curiosity… ~ ~ ## Other animal […]

~ For the Joy of Animals: A Howl From The Wild Side

A howl from the wild side of a wolf — eerily compelling. A howl from the wild side of a puppy — completely adorable. ~ ###

~ For The Joy of Animals: A Monster To Both Clean and Clear A Room

Here is a helpful tip to consider as you make your Halloween purchases: Multi-purpose monsters are always a wise investment. Particularly when, with an inadvertent flick of a switch, the monster has the power to both clear and clean a room. Every home should have a vacuum monster!! ####

~ For The Joy of Animals: Super Dog — Naki’o

Like any super hero, tragedy struck Naki’o when he was young and it left its mark. Naki’o was only weeks old when he, along with his mother and litter mates, was abandoned in the basement of a home in Nebraska. It was winter time.  By the time Naki’o and his family were discovered and rescued, […]

~ For the Joy of Animals: Generational Support

YOUTH ON MY BACK by Linda Anselmi My role, I am sold, As the one growing ever more old, No longer lies with an eye to the road flying by. But to give my support, When youth’s legs are too short, For a view that is more than just sky. With my own whited nose, […]

~ For the Joy of Animals: Spring Bunny

Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover or just the arrival of spring, get ready for some serious cuteness (via Global Animal)!! Told you so! HAPPY SPRING ## A few more fun animal videos and posts: ~ For the Joy of Animals: Puppy Hearts Horse ~ For The Joy Of Animals: Wild British Humor ~ For the Joy of Animals: Jesse, The Energizer […]

~ For The Joy of Animals: Bald Eaglets

Spring is a time of rebirth and wonder.  And watching a new generation of Bald Eagles come into being on live feed eagle cam at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Virginia and Decorah, Iowa is an awesome celebration of this rite.  Warning it is addicting to watch these magnificant beings up close. From The Eagle, Our National Emblem by Maude M. Grant: It is […]

~ For the Joy of Animals: Puppy Hearts Horse

Sometimes we get too focused on obvious differences and we forget to share the love.  But not these two.  Ya gotta just love the puppy’s enthusiasm and persistence. You can find more on Herbie (the dog) and Jabby (the horse) at A Collection Of Madcap Escapades. ### ~ For The Joy Of Animals: Wild British Humor […]

~ Two Dogs, Loyal Companions

It is hard not to become fixated on the news coverage and speculation over the nuclear reactors in Japan.  But there are other small but equally compelling dramas and acts of survival that are quietly unfolding in the wake of the Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. A dog leads reporters to his injured companion. Here is […]

~ For the Joy of Animals: Jesse, The Energizer Dog

Jesse helps around the house with such joyful enthusiasm you’ll smile watching him. Then, you’ll want to go take a nap. (h/t Suzie Ivy) I just can’t help wondering though…  Is it fair for a dog to make house work look so fun and easy?  And is it fair for Jesse’s trainer to make other […]

~ Seeing Things in A New Light: David Vs Goliath

Sometimes, No matter what we do, Goliath barely knows we are there. ## ~ Seeing Things In A New Light: Gangs And Little Old Ladies ~ Seeing Things In A New Light: Dancing ~ Seeing Things In A New Light: Sport Fishing Shows

~ Bad Weather Day for Punxsutawney Phil

Poor Punxsutawney Phil. It’s hard to enjoy your day in the media spotlight when Mother Nature is flexing her might by hitting Australia’s already flood-ravaged northern Queensland with “Yasi” its worst ever cyclone while, simultaneously, laying low 30 states in the US and a third of Americans with high winds, record snow, sleet and frigid temperatures in a […]

~ For The Joy Of Animals: Wild British Humor

What can I say, this just makes me smile every time I view it. ***

~ Seeing Things In A New Light: Police Dogs

If someone said Police dog, odds are you would picture a powerful and highly trained German Sheppard.  If someone said Search dog, you are likely to picture a long-eared, big nosed Bloodhound.  And if someone said Rescue dog, you might picture a hardy Saint Bernard (complete with a small brandy cask around its neck) or […]

~ Some Days Are Just Special

We all have bad days on the job. My most recent bad day started with a fender bender on a muddy road. Well, actually, it started when I said I would work patrol for another officer so he could take his wife to a medical appointment. It got worse when a passing car declined to […]

~ Who Was Driving That Car-Van-Truck Thing?

As a police officer/detective, I am constantly made aware of differing perceptions when a critical incident happens. If a robbery takes place in front of five eye witnesses, all five witnesses will have a slightly different version of what happened. Everyone sees things differently. “The man was 5’10” tall.” “The man was 5’ 4” tall.” […]

~ This Halloween, Beware The BP Stalker

BEWARE, Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV free from BP ads … BEWARE, Just when you thought it was safe for kids to go to school and learn about math and science… BEWARE, Just when you thought it was safe to eat seafood again… BEWARE, Just when you thought it was safe […]

~ For The Joy of Animals: Dog Dances the Merengue

Nothing more to say then — If you love dance, love dogs, or just love a fiesta …