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Words To Create By: “The more you Learn …”

“The more you learn, the more you have a framework for that knowledge to fit into.” Bill Gates, 60 minutes interview ~~~ William Henry Gates III (1955 – ) Co-founder of Microsoft Father, husband, programmer, inventor, investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, billionaire

Becoming Barbie — In Just 37 Seconds

Laura Willard posted a great video on Upworthy that has since gone viral, entitled See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty In Just 37 Seconds… This is the best example I’ve seen of the destructive power of the endless “Barbie-izing” of women and girls. Both sexes get an exaggerated and unrealistic vision of what women look like. […]

Pondering The Possibilities: Robotic Olympians

Could Olympic sports be manned by robots? Would Olympic robots generate the same national fervor as our human competitions? Would the physical feats of robots make for compelling TV? Since robots are just now learning how to walk across rubble (e.g. Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, a headless robotic toddler) and run on four legs (e.g. DARPA’s  WildCat, a robotic bulldog […]

The Ubiquitous Bike: Still A Creative Force?

In our high tech age, it is easy to overlook the creative force and impact of something as common and ordinary as a bicycle. After all, the bicycle (as shown below) is nearly 200 years old and has been a staple of just about every nation and community for more than a hundred of those years.  Yet […]

~ Pondering the Possibilities: Sweat Worthy Entertainment

In a world of ever-increasing energy expenses, it is not hard to envision a time in the not so distant future when the average family will be forced to reevaluate its energy priorities and restrict its energy consumption. So what will todays techno kids and adults do for entertainment? To Sweat or Not Raise on a […]

Keepon robot created by Michalowski & Kozima

~ It’s Yellow and Round

And it will make you smile. Okay it doesn’t hurt that it’s paired with a catchy tune. Still, I’ll bet you can’t play this only once. But Keepon, the little yellow spongiform “peeps” looking robot, was developed with a more serious side – dealing with autism. Keepon was created by Marek Michalowski at Carnegie Mellon […]