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~ That Gaping Hole in Our Recovery is Called Jobs!

[First posted on 8/05/09 at No Quarter] There is a gaping hole in our recovery and more and more of Main Street America is falling through it. And that gaping hole is JOBS. Or more accurately, the place where JOBS should be. The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs: In the current recession, […]

~ Will “Cap-and-Trade” be the Next Bubble?

[First posted in July 09 at No Quarter] Okay. I’ll confess. I’ve always considered myself something of an environmentalist. I don’t remember ever hugging a tree, but I hiked and backpacked in my youth. I’ve recycled since the early 80’s. I shunned the use of chemicals and railed against deforestation, over-packaging, and junk mail. I […]