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~ Lost and Found News: Barofsky, TSA, Time, and Atlantis

With all the life altering news throughout the world, here is some news to ponder that you might have missed. Lost:  Neil M. Barofsky, Special Inspector General of TARP  from government pay roll. Soon. As the cheif investigator of the government’s $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program during the last two years, Neil Barofsky established a white-collar […]

~ While Clutching Our Government Issued Security Blankets

“Keep us safe”  was the cry. “What ever it takes” was the demand. And we all stood in line, passive and trusting, without our shoes, as we followed the 3-1-1 rule with our liquids, had our sharp objects confiscated, while filling grey bins with our precious possessions. It didn’t matter that our forefathers braved a […]

~ A Special (Cartoon) Message from the TSA

If laughter is truly the best medicine, maybe watching this cartoon video before your next flight will help. From the very talented Les Clay at robotnut:

~ Mr. President, Who Is Terrorizing Whom?

With all due respect Mr. President, your recent remarks in Lisbon seem woefully inadequate at defining the problems or expressing the emotions of the American traveling public regarding the TSA’s Enhanced Pat-Down (EPD) and Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)  procedures. “One of the most frustrating aspects of this fight against terrorism is that it has created […]

~ New Jersey And Others Push Back At TSA

In case you haven’t had the “pleasure” of flying lately, here is a little taste of what you might expect at the airport …  And as shocking as this video is, the push back is only now starting to build. Fortunately, there are still some true government representatives willing to take action. In a news conference […]