BELOW THE SALT NEWS is a celebration of creativity and the inspiration, information and innovation that empowers change in every aspect of our lives.  We are all about featuring people, nature and animals and exploring how we all create and handle change.  Just think of this as a soup to nuts, arts to robots personal agent of change blog.

BELOW THE SALT NEWS is not about selling things.

Our purpose is to excite people into taking personal responsibility for improving and changing all the things they feel passionate about — whether those things are creative, innovative, practical, personal, scientific, environmental, educational or political…

Our intent is to provide a variety of post by an array of contributing writers and artists that provide information, inspiration and celebration about the amazing, the funny, and the serious challenges affecting us everyday and how we are motivated resolve them.

Our dream is to help people set aside their reactive stances and open their minds.  (Hey, if we are going to aim high, we’re going to aim high!)  Our hope is that BELOW THE SALT NEWS will inform, inspire and motivate you.  Please come back often to celebrate creativity and change, and share your thoughts in comments.

If you would like to contribute a post to BELOW THE SALT NEWS, please read this and contact me here:  BelowTheSaltNews @ gmail.com

“Life isn’t just a good parts version.
But there are always possibilities.”
Linda Anselmi, editor BELOW THE SALT NEWS

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